June 15, 2016

How To Be Confident: Why All Those Article Don't Work

I love Bloglovin, I really like to read some kind of inspiring articles. And recently I got my usual email letter with couple articles to read and there I saw the title "How to be confident". At the first moment I wanted to click on it and read as I consider myself as a person with confidence issues. But then I thought "How can this article help? Why should I read it? Did any of other articles that helped me?" And my answer was NO.

Right now as I'm getting older(I'm still pretty young and I have tons to learn about life) I start to think over my problems. Right now I'm feeling good about my life. Well, I still believe that I need to lose some weight and it will burst my confidence, and I'm well aware of the fact that it is the wrong mindset. But still, every time I lose some weight I immidiently feel way more confident.

My main idea about confidence is "If you don't like it - change it, if you can't change it - like it". I'm not sure whether I saw it somewhere or no, but I have this idea in my head for a very long time and I believe in it. I mean, I don't like the size of my body. I can change it. The fact that I don't do it because I'm lazy, it's the whole another problem. But still I can and it means that if I don't have the body of my dream I'm not working hard enough. And as soon as I start working out I instantly get this burst of positivity that makes me feel better about myself and the world around me and that's what makes me feel confident.

Right now I get to know new people, I'm getting better in my job, the weather is beautiful. The last thing I actually feel like I need to add is some daily sport and healthy eating. And that's what can make me a different person.

And I always try to be positive about people around me, I say more yes and thanks to it I actually got an expensive haircut and manicure for free :)) And when I came to that salon I was surprised with the fact that I talked to people over there, I made jokes, I asked people about different things, I talked to their boss like she was my Guru. Gosh, a year ago I would be so freaking quite and just smile in a silly way but now I feel so much more open-minded that I let people easily in my life. And that's only because I feel more confident about myself.

So my point here is that there's no universal recipe to be confident, you should find your own way to do it. You can read tons of books but until you actually start doing something nothing will change. I just work on the things that I don't like about myself and that makes me fell better about myself. Do things and you'll get there :)

I know that everybody had or still have some confidence problems, so share it in the comments, I'd love to read about it :)

So, ciao!

June 12, 2016

My Book Shelf: Shantaram

I finished another book.

This time I picked one book that everybody used to talk about quite a while ago. One my friend recommended it to me when she knew that I was a little bit into yoga so I thought that would be soo great. Plus she was so obsessed with it so I thought it was meant for me.

You know there's a thing that every book needs a special time to read? Well, you know when you start to read something and just can't and if come back to it after maybe some events in your life you will read it from cover to cover within couple days/weeks? That's not what happened to me.

My general opinion is: it's good but there was a Wow Effect. I enjoyed it, it's a very interesting story, there's a lot of information about India and living there, but I wasn't that impressed with it as I wanted to be.
The story is about a person you escaped from the prison in Australia, went to India to hide, met new people, fell in love, became the part of the Mafia, went on war in Afganistan, returned alive, became a very important part of the Mafia. There were a lot of going on there. And that's what I liked: it is very dynamic and you usually just want to know how the situation ends. There are some parts where within two pages one very good character dies, in a page another good character dies and you're like "What the hell is going on?! Stop killing people!!" But still you are like trapped, you just want to know how it ends.

The end of the book actually disappointed me. I expected something absolutely different. It's not the fact that my idea didn't coincide with the idea of the author disappointed me, no, but the fact that what actually happened I didn't like at all. My friend promoted it as a love story, she told me even that she worried that her fiancée didn't act like the main character towards her and I was like "Well, that should be a really nice story then". But actually this "love" story isn't typical. It's not what you might think after my friend's words. It's different. Keep it in mind if you ever think of reading this.

So, my final thought: I like the story but not as much as I expected from the book that everybody rages about.

So, what are your thoughts about this book if you've read this? If you haven't how do you think would you ever read it?

So have a nice day wherever you are :)

June 08, 2016

Photo Post #38: Summer Sunshine in Ismailovo

Summer in Moscow it's a very weird thing: it exists but you never know for how long.
Last week my friend and I went for a walk in the park. It was sunny and hot. Right now I'm sitting in my bedroom and I can hear the rain. It's been like 3 days like that in a row. So now we don't even know when the sun comes back...
Still we got some very sunny photos! I also try to learn my camera better so I hope I'll get to the point when I'm absolutely happy with my skills :) Also in two weeks this my friend and I are going to Saint-Petersburg(my fourth trip there) and I want to get some good photos of me too so I try to teach her how to deal with my camera :)
I hope you're having a better summer that we right now :)

June 06, 2016

30 Day Challenge

Almost a month ago I saw this video(link here) and it made me think: what if I really try to do it this time? I started it. 

I decided to start with something simple: Read at least 10 pages of a book every evening before I go to bed. And I did it. I write about it only now as I wanted to test it before I post. I even did my own printable to watch my progress. Feel free to take it and use if you want to :) 

I finally almost finish the book I bought when I was 13. Well, it is a little bit weird to read a book you were into when you were 13 and now you're 21, but hey, I enjoy it a lot! I also set myself a reward: buy a new book in English. Here, in Moscow it's pretty expensive to buy books in English, but I thought that after achieving such a target I can afford it :) I've already bought myself one and started reading it and I enjoy it so far :) 

I'm also in the process with two other challenges: do evening and morning workouts. I'm half way through it and already feel so much better about myself. After I finish it, I think I'll do a separate post with the workouts I've been doing :)

On my own skin I experienced that I can do whatever I want if I try to. I feel so unstoppable now :) And I shared this idea with some my friends and they are so into it and I look forward to start new challenges together with them :)

I came up with a list of challenges I want to do at some point. I find that have more than three challenges at the same time isn't as effective so I wait till I finish these 2 challenges before I start a new one. But maybe this list can inspire you to do something:

- draw a picture a day as I want to improve my drawing skills
- drink more water as it's very healthy for your body
- write a post a day as I always feel lazy to type :)
- read an article a day as I want to learn something new every day
- learn new words every day as I need to expend my vocabulary
- not to eat junk food or fast food as I eat it way too much and spend way too much money on it
- take a photo a day as I want to improve my photographie skills.

What challenges would you set for yourself?

Always try to make yourself better!

March 27, 2016

My everyday makeup

I just want to share my recent everyday makeup routine :)
 The first, I never use a foundation as I simply don’t like the feeling of it on my skin. So I go straight to concealers. I use two: Maybelline DreamLumi Touch Highlighting Concealer in the shade 01 Ivory for under my eyes area and I use Catrice Camouflage Cream  in the shade 010 Ivory. I use two because the second one has a high coverage and it’s too heavy for under eyes area and the first one has too light coverage to cover any pimples :) So I firstly I use Maybelline concealer to hide my dark circles and then go ahead with the Catrice one to hide any imperfections all over my face.
Then I set it with Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder in the shade 52 Vanilla. It says “10hrs Matt Finish & Natural Healthy Glow”. I’ll say that it can stay for even longer as most of the days I do my makeup in the morning and gat home only late in the evening so it’s like 12+ hours of wearing makeup and in the end of the day I still don’t get that shinny face as I usually have. So this is one of my favourite powders I’ve ever used :)
 Then I move to my eyes area. I use Maybelline BrowSatin in the shade Dark Blonde. I was such an idiot when I bought it in this shade.. It’s too yellowy for my eyebrows but I like the pencil and that weird sponge end that I use it nevertheless. I just quickly fill my eyebrows in and brush them through with a spoolie.
For a base colour I use my favourite Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hours in the shade 91 Crème de Rose. I just apply it with my finger all over the eyelid and that’s all :)
Then I use Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in the shade 003 Brown. It’s been in my makeup bag for sooooo lond because I never used it for some reason. Now I use it more and more to line my upper lash line. I don’t do any flick as I have vey watering eyes especially when the air is dry and It is dry so I’ll just end up with smudged flicks…
And to finish my eyes I curl my lashes and apply Maybelline(too much Maybelline in this post, hah) The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara. It’s nice but a little bit watery. I bought it recently so can’t say much. I just like it so far, not too much but do.
 When it comes to lips, I like to scrub them in the morning with Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub. It’s from their St.Valentine’s Day collection. It’s very first time I tried lip scrubs in my life and I really enjoy using it. After the scrub I apply some sort of lip balm. Now I use Nivea Coconut Lip Butter. It’s sooo nice and soft.. And the scent…mmm.. Love it :)
I usually apply any kind of lipstick only right before I leave the house and it can be different. Sometimes I even forget to apply anything at all :)
Then I finish my face with Divage Velvet Blush in the shade #8703. It’s a nice rosy peach shade which I love for spring/summer time. It’s pretty pigmented so I need to be very careful with it or I’ll look like a clown :)
And I started falling into highlighters. I have only one in my Sleek Face Form Palette in the shade Light 373. It’s a very nice and settle highlighter which looks very pretty on cheekbones :)

And that’s it!
Hope you like it :)
Tell my about your everyday makeup routines, I would love to know!

March 14, 2016

My book shelf: Eat. Pray. Love

I've read another book! And it was Eat, Pray, Love by Elisabeth Gilbert.
Again it turned out to be the right book at the right time. After reading this I had courage to move on in my relationship, to set us both free from this suffocated chains. Yeah, it's sounds way too fancy xD
Anyway, what can I say about this book? It's separated into three sections, Italy, India, and Indonesia. Three countries where the author spends 4 months. She gave everything to her husband when she divorced and decided to travel for a year instead. Isn't it crazy? It sounds like such a cool thing! At least for me as I wish I could travel more. 

So, she took this year to really understand herself, to find God inside herself. That's what attracts me the most in this book: the search of yourself. That's what I really want right now in my own life: I want to find myself. And after this book I feel so inspired.
I really recommend this book if you're really looking for something to push you forward. I have a huge plan in my head right now on how I can change things I really wanted to change for a very long time. I have a plan where to start my searching. And that's what is the most amazing about this book: it pushed me forward.

Back to the story, I also want to say that the title is so good for this book. The first part is in Italy. What does she do there? Right, eat. The second part is in India. What does she do there? Pray. So you get the idea :) And I think it’s sooooooo clever to title it exactly like this.

Another thing I want to talk about is the movie. I wanted to watch for a long time but wanted to read the book first. What can I say.. The movie isn’t that bad but it can’t show all the emotional roller-costar of the main character. The part about Italy was so empty in the movie when in the book it was much more interesting, more alive and with a deeper sense. Other parts weren’t that bad. Obviously thy changed a lot. But at least it was nice to watch. And I fell in love with Ketut, the medicine man whom she met on Bali! He is soo nice in the movie, my favourite character :)

So to sum it up I want to say that it is that book that I recommend to everyone. And one my friend even started to do some psychological project for her university about this book because I obviously talked too much about it :)

Have you read this book?

What thoughts do you have?

And you can leave me some suggestions what to read next :)


March 09, 2016



I’m single again.

I broke up with that guy I’ve dated for almost a year.

I just want to document my thoughts right now.

It was this thing when you live with someone and one day just realize you don’t love him anymore. That’s what happened. I just don’t love him anymore.
I learn some things from this relationship, obviously.

1.       If you start to feel that you don’t want to be with this person anymore – don’t stay. It won’t change with time.
2.       If you feel like you’re not improving – it’s not for you. I think that’s the most important thing I learned: if you feel like the relationship doesn’t let you do things for yourself – it doesn’t worth it. It killed me that I couldn’t something for myself only. I couldn’t watch my TV-shows because I physically didn’t have time because I spend it with him. I couldn’t work out and put some weight and it’s killing me now because I feel fat.
3.       Don’t start a relationship too soon after heart breaking. It was the biggest my mistake. Just don’t do it. Really. You’ll have this thought of that other guy all the time in your head. It kills.
4.       Don’t let him be the center of EVERYTHING in your life. It’s also very important. Every person should have his own goal in life. And the other person shouldn’t be a goal. Because I started to forget what I really wanted in life because of him and it’s not right.
5.       Breaking up it’s not the end of the world. I’m back to my family and I’m happy with it. I’m happy to have this time with myself again. I missed it. And now I have a list of goals, I know what to do with my life. And it’s great! And even though I liked the living apart from my mum on my own, I liked lazy evenings with him and I will miss it a lot, I’m still so happy to be back home and be back on my life track.

I have tons of good memories with him. I’m thankful for everything he gave me but I want to move on. I’m not angry, I’m not in tears all the time(although I did cry couple times), I’m not regretting. 

I’m happy. I’m happy to be on my own.

I’m just saying goodbye to that life.


I wish you only the best.